We are a relatively small group who enjoy the relaxation of flying electric fixed-wing and rotor craft. We have a place to fly thanks to the good graces of the Citrus County Parks and Recreation, so there would be many hoops to jump through to schedule a typical R/C open-house type event such as a cookout or a tournament.

We do, however, like to attend swap meets and events offered by other clubs, and that information can be found here. Also, we will post the Soccer schedule as it becomes available so we’ll know when not to show up.

The soccer field is available to us most every day and the best flying conditions are from 7:00 – 9:00 AM. There is not really a schedule per se as members show up to fly whenever they desire.

Of course, with all the Covid-19 cancellations, nothing is currently “normal”, so there will not be many outside events listed here for the foreseeable future.